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[cdt-dev] Update on refactoring

today I have moved the rename-refactoring from the ctd.refactorin plugin
into the cdt.ui plugin, which makes the following plugins obsolete,
please remove them from your workspace:
    org.eclipse.cdt.refactoring, org.eclipse.cdt.refactoring.tests.

Furthermore I have applied the patch that adds the 'Extract Constant'
refactoring, provided by Emanuel Graf. Thanks for the contribution!

I am looking forward to even more contributions. Now, that we have some
infrastructure in place it should be easier to create new refactorings.
My interpretation of the milestone plan is, that it will be ok to add
refactorings before RC0 on May 5th. That would be the deadline. Please
speak up, if you think this is too late in the game for such additions.


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