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[cdt-dev] Bug 206372 could someone take a look?

I reported 206372 for 4.0.1 and so far it isn't even assigned to anyone. It is 
a nasty critter resulting in indexer problems because indexer ends up 
including a mix of current and obsolete headers:
Include path discovery doesn't discard obsolete paths on compiler upgrade

Steps To Reproduce:

1. Create a CDT managed project while GCC 4.2.1 is installed on your system
2. Upgrade GCC to 4.2.2
3. Rebuild the project

When you rebuild, new paths are discovered:


However the old paths with 4.2.1 in them are not discarded. They are still
shown in the Includes virtual folder for the project, and probably still
followed by the indexer because the old paths seem to be higher on the list.

More information:

What do I edit to remove the old paths by hand?

If this bug cannot be fixed for 4.0.3 then could someone at least answer my 
last question - how can I fix my project manually?

Szczepan Holyszewski

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