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Re: [cdt-dev] breakpoints with basename

Since both, the basename based and the full path based approach, don't work in some cases, you may consider a hybrid approach that starts from basename, but in case of ambiguity uses parent, grandparent and so forth directories until the ambiguity is resolved. This approach is currently used by the error parsers (see


On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 11:32 AM, Elena Laskavaia <ELaskavaia@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I know the reasons (kind of), that why I suggest to make it an option.
The reason is when you compile on different host full path name would not
match the path in debug info and debugger would fail to add breakpoint. This
combined with some compiler weird source paths inserts creates unreadable
full paths, like this:
which nobody can parse (this is real example of path return by break-insert
of 2.95 compiler + gdb 6.7).

So what are the options in GDB-DSF?

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Elena Laskavaia wrote:
> What has been done in dsdp about it?
GDB-DSF has a more options in dealing with this problem because it is
currently only being targeted at latest version of GDB (6.7) and at that
only at Linux.  That said, a new contributor from Ericsson, Tobias, is
looking at making it work with GDB on windows and he is running into
issues with using the full path in the -break-insert command.  See bug
219920 for further discussion.  I think there are a lot of historical
reasons for not using the full path with breakpoints in GDB-CDI, and I
would also be grateful if someone with a lot of CDT tribal knowledge
could distill these reasons for us.


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