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[cdt-dev] questions about path entry stuff

Hi everyone,

I've gotten the code readers and the preprocessor working decently with EFS
at this point (in my private workspace), and am now trying to get the
indexer working.  I get a lot of errors in the indexer tests because the
system includes do not resolve, which is because the scanner info is
handing these in as strings representing paths and not strings representing

It seems that the scanner info that the indexer is using is coming from the
IPathEntry stuff, so I've been digging around in the implementation of that
to try to figure out what needs changing.  I'm having trouble understanding
a couple of things though.

Looking at the following:

public APathEntry (int kind, IPath basePath, IPath baseRef, IPath path,
IPath[] exclusionPatterns, boolean isExported)

What is the difference between the base path and base reference?  I'm
assuming that basePath holds the root path of the includes (e.g.
/usr/include) and that path is the relative path of a particular include
path (e.g. sys/types.h).  But what is the baseRef?

Is basePath vs path only used in the case of discovered paths?  The only
way we have of setting paths in the UI is by specifying absolute paths, so
I'm trying to figure out if this is actually something we still need or
not.  None of this stuff is commented so I'm not sure what the intent was.


Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
IBM Toronto

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