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Re: [cdt-dev] Path mappings in .project file

Thanks for such a prompt response, John. Below a little more information.

On Feb 20, 2008 3:53 PM, John Cortell wrote:
>  The path mappings mechanism exclusively serves the debugger. The parameters
> that affect a debug session are contained in a launch configuration. As
> such, the path mappings are persisted in a launch configuration (the global
> path mappings notwithstanding). Putting them in the .project or .cproject
> wouldn't make much sense since it has no connection with the things those
> files represent.
>  However, you probably don't really care if the mappings are in those files
> or not. I'm guessing your request stems from the need to be able to take
> those mappings along with the project. That is, you move the project to
> another workspace, e.g., and you want those mappings to tag along with it.

Close, but not quite. I have developed an Eclipse CDT project
generator for CMake (a cross-platform build system management tool).
Basically, I take a simple makefile-type of listing and generate the
eclipse .project/.cproject or any other of a list including Visual
Studio, KDevelop, UNIX Makefiles, etc.

In the case of eclipse projects, I then import the generated projects
into eclipse. I can delete the build file structure at any time if I
do an out-of-source build. Hence, I would like to also generate this
information with cmake and be able to import it properly into eclipse.

>  This is doable today. You just need to tell the launch configuration to
> store itself in the project directory instead of the .metadata directory. In
> the launch configurations dialog, go to  the Common tab and select "Shared
> file" in the Save As groupbox. You will see that a launch configuration file
> appears in your project directory.

I guess I could generate this launch file as well with the path
mapping. However, from my quick testing here this seems to be a per
configuration setting. Is there a way to have all created
configurations have this mapping by default?

Thanks again,

>  At 01:44 PM 2/20/2008, Miguel A. Figueroa-Villanueva wrote:
> Hello Everyone.
>  I would like to know if there is a way to add the path mappings
>  information in the .project or .cproject files as opposed to adding it
>  in the .metadata folder as it is currently done. I need to add the
>  following mapping: /c/ to C:/ , so that when I'm debugging eclipse can
>  find the source files.
>  Thanks,
>  --Miguel

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