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Re: [cdt-dev] globals in variables view

I don't think it makes sense to make them retargetable. It would be enough if they only showed up when doing CDT debugging. This way DSF can supply it's own actions.

I filed bug 219207 for this. I will submit a patch for it in 5.0 ... unless I run out of time.


Mikhail Khodjaiants wrote:
Hi Pawel,

I think you've already got the answers for your questions. My question
is: should we make the related actions retargettable or replace by
commands? Currently they all are based on the standard model extension.

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Hi All,
I am considering a bug in DSF which asks for showing global variables in
the variables view (bug 219040).  I am somewhat conflicted by this
feature, because in our (Wind River's) product and in others that I've
worked with, the Expressions/Watch window is the window used to display
global variables, where Variables/Locals view is used for showing
arguments and locals.

So I have three questions:

1) How important is it to have globals in the variables view.

2) Is the problem with showing globals in the Expressions view that it
does not have the same features as the variables view (column support,
change highlighting, etc?).

3) Is what's really missing a "smart" combined variables view which
could show local variables, selected global variables, as well as
"watched" local variables which are enabled only a given local variable
is in scope?

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