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Re: [cdt-dev] problems saving into .project


Sorry, it was a typo - I should have said "not written to .cproject".

To confirm my problem, using the code below, my data is not written anywhere.

Krasilnikov, Oleg wrote:
Hi Derek.

Your changes are written to .cproject file. Not to .project
 It is documented (see javadoc for ICStorageElement, for example)

With best regards, Oleg Krasilnikov

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Subject: [cdt-dev] problems saving into .project


I am trying to save some additonal information into .cproject  using the
following code:

ICProjectDescriptionManager manager = CoreModel.getDefault()

ICProjectDescription des = manager.getProjectDescription(project, true);
ICStorageElement storage = des.getStorage(getPluginID(), true);
ICStorageElement settings = storage.createChild(PROJECT_STORAGE);
try {
     // save modifications
     manager.setProjectDescription(project, des, true, null);

} catch (Exception e) {

But my additional information is never saved. Can anybody point out what
I am doing wrong?


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