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RE: [cdt-dev] globals in variables view

We have the same requirements John mentions: at least one of the compilers we use adds the globals in a function scope to the list of local variables for that function. People really like this once they see it and begin to complain that we don't provide the same experience with other compilers.
We also provide the option to see all of the variables in a function or only those in scope for the current PC location.
I'm looking forward to getting back into DSF hoping to find a more flexible variables view and see if we can contribute any new features there.
- Ken

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Pawel, we recently implemented the referenced globals in variables feature and we were planning on contributing it to CDT. It's important to us. Our compilers emit custom dwarf information that lets us know what globals a function references. Our users want to automatically have those items added to the variables view--as CDT global variables.

2) Having to rely on the expressions view is cumbersome, and doesn't feel natural. It's called the Variables view, not the Local Variables view. Globals belong in there as much as locals do.

3) Yes; and that's exactly how it works for us. Again, we'll contribute this soon. It's based on CDI, so not much use to you.


At 07:28 PM 2/14/2008, Pawel Piech wrote:
Hi All,
I am considering a bug in DSF which asks for showing global variables in the variables view (bug 219040).  I am somewhat conflicted by this feature, because in our (Wind River's) product and in others that I've worked with, the Expressions/Watch window is the window used to display global variables, where Variables/Locals view is used for showing arguments and locals.

So I have three questions:

1) How important is it to have globals in the variables view.

2) Is the problem with showing globals in the Expressions view that it does not have the same features as the variables view (column support, change highlighting, etc?).

3) Is what's really missing a "smart" combined variables view which could show local variables, selected global variables, as well as "watched" local variables which are enabled only a given local variable is in scope?

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