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RE: [cdt-dev] Project perspective lists MINGW includes for/in C++Makefile project created with "other toolchain" option

Thanks Oleg :-) .

I've got one more question. Is it possible to register the MSVC compiler as
a toolchain in eclipse? ... The plugin I'm developing requires the MS C
compiler (I've heard that the gcc can produce cross platform code but I
don't know how to use gcc that well).

- Olumide

Hi Olumide.

It's common trouble, a result of unclear naming.  

To get rid of Mingw includes, go to Project Properties -> 
C / C++ general -> Paths and Symbols -> Includes tab, and 
delete unwanted includes for each language (Asm, C, C++).

In fact, "other toolchain", also known as "default toolchain",
does not mean "user's own toolchain". In fact, it's automatically
detected toolchain, referring to either Cygwin or Mingw, if one of 
them installed (I mean, on Windows. On Linux, standard C/C++
compiler is used by this toolchain). 

It was introduced as default choice, for the user who needs
"any C compiler". Unfortunately, toolchain label is too short to
explain all told above. There was a discussion, how to call it:
"No toolchain", "Default toolchain", "Other ...", "Detected ...".
As a result, "Other toolchain" was selected as the lesser evil.

With best regards, Oleg Krasilnikov


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