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[cdt-dev] On use of platform debug internal packages in CDT

Hi All,
I was writing a response in bug 210558 and thought it could be of interest to the whole CDT community.  So I'm copying it here and to platform-debug as well.

(In reply to comment #11)
> Man, that is ironic and unfortunate. Is there a proposal on the table to
> address the flexible hierarchy issues or does it need more investigation/work.
> Just wondering when we can expect to finally get rid of our use of internals.

Right now all the flexible hierarchy interfaces are still a provisional API.  And I think the biggest issues to making them final has been maturity and resources.  This is also a big issue for DSF and for any debugger which uses these interfaces.  As 3.4 is third point release that these APIs are in, I expect  (hope) that they will finally be made official in 4.0. 

Like I said though, even if these APIs become official, some of the classes that the Modules view integration requires are still plugin private: DefaultModelProxyFactory, DebugTargetContentProvider, etc.  These classes are something of a problem for platform because due to their design, as a public API they could be difficult to evolve and maintain.  However, any debugger trying to extend standard debug model and use flexible hierarchy needs to either extend or copy these default implementation classes.  I think this question will also need to be answered when the flexible hierarchy APIs go official.

Personally, I think there's another way to address this problem: to use UI part of DSF to implement the default flexible hierarchy providers for the standard debug model.  However, DSF uses wrappers and this would certainly break the backward compatiblity with the current APIs.  Still, the DSF-based default providers should be easier to maintain as an API so it should be easier to make them public.  I've been tempted to try to implement this over the last year, but Wind River doesn't really have a business reason for this functionality.  Perhaps if anyone else has this problem, they could investigate this solution with my help.

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