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[cdt-dev] Debug problem: gdb: unknown target exception


I’m using Eclipse CDT (Version: Build id: M20071023-1652) with
Cygwin on Windows XP to create a C++ program and run in the following error
when trying to debug:
Dialog: Execution is suspended because of an error. You can't do that
without a process to debug.
Console: gdb: unknown target exception 0xc0000135 at 0x7c964ed1. You can't
do that without a process to debug.

Symbols are also not loaded.
The binary parser used is “Cygwin PE parser”. The debugger is Cygwin gdb
The executable itself however is normally created, executable and can be
debugged. The executable can also be run from Eclipse. On the shell: $ “gdb
executable name” results in a normal gdb session. After run the program
executes normally. Because of this I think the error is caused within
Eclipse CDT. The project is a “Makefile project” and due to using several
different IDE’s the folder structure is as following:


The workspace is located somewhere else. Is there somebody who knows what
causes the error?
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