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[cdt-dev] cross platform toolchains


are there any plans for integrating cross platform toolchains in CDT?

I'm currently using avr-gcc (from WinAVR), and setting avr projects, although possible, it is quite complicated.

considerring that generally GNU cross platform toolchains prefix the name of the programs with the name of the target platform (like avr-gcc, avr-g++) one quick solution would be to add a generic "Cross GCC" toolchain, where the name of the prefix is user configurable (an edit box where I can write 'avr', for instance).

as a next level, it would be useful to add real toolchains, like "AVR GCC", "ARM GCC", etc, where to be able to fine tune all specific build details.



p.s. although I currently have no Eclipse plugin experience, I'm using Eclipse for Java projects for quite a while, so if there is interest in this, I might consider contributing it to the project.

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