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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT 4.0.1 Countdown

What about ?
It's a trivial  fix just to get the feature descriptions right.


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             08/28/2007 02:25          [cdt-dev] CDT 4.0.1 Countdown       
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First RC build is the end of next week. Current bug list follows:.

20 bugs found.

  ID  Se P Assignee  Reporter  Sta OS Targ           Summary            
      v  r                     tus    etM                               
 7919 no P Andrew    Alex      NEW Wi 4.0. Search report uses for       
 3    r  3 Ferguson  Chapiro       nd 1    external project             
 1807 no P Andrew    Andrew    NEW Wi 4.0. [Index] Resolution fails for 
 38   r  3 Ferguson  Ferguson      nd 1    template specialization      
 1963 no P Andrew    Andrew    NEW Wi 4.0. enhance support for shipping 
 38   r  3 Ferguson  Ferguson      nd 1    multiple PDOM versions of    
 2012 en P Chris     Chris     ASS Al 4.0. add support for XL C/C++     
 96   h  3 Recoskie  Recoskie  I   l  1    v9.0                         
 1666 ma P Doug      Alena     NEW Wi 4.0. [breakpoints] Debugger stops 
 60   j  3 Schaefer  Laskavaia     nd 1    at breakpoint which is       
 1932 ma P Doug      Irit      NEW Wi 4.0. CDT GNU Make Error Parser    
 80   j  3 Schaefer  Belezko       nd 1    doesn’t parse many common    
 1946 no P Doug      Doug      NEW Wi 4.0. Cygwin toolchain shows even  
 41   r  3 Schaefer  Schaefer      nd 1    if I don't have Cygwin       
 1960 no P Doug      Doug      NEW Li 4.0. One Click Debug should pick  
 02   r  3 Schaefer  Schaefer      nu 1    default debugger             
 1992 ma P Doug      Tiziano   NEW Wi 4.0. MinGW GDB Debugger           
 19   j  3 Schaefer  Leidi         nd 1                                 
 1781 no P Ken Ryall Tim Kelly NEW Wi 4.0. ProcessClosure.terminate()   
 44   r  3                         nd 1    deadlocks                    
 1850 no P Mikhail   Mikhail   ASS Al 4.0. [Project Model]ISV           
 49   r  3 Sennikovs Sennikovs I   l  1    documentation should be      
           ky        ky                    updated to ref...            
 1895 no P Mikhail   Sascha    REO Wi 4.0. Providing source entries     
 93   r  3 Sennikovs Radike    P   nd 1    with external setting        
           ky                              provider a...                
 1919 no P Mikhail   Markus    NEW Wi 4.0. ICProjectDescriptionManager. 
 13   r  3 Sennikovs Schorn        nd 1    getProjectDescription        
           ky                              returns...                   
 1935 no P Mikhail   Keith W.  NEW Al 4.0. Project description modified 
 18   r  3 Sennikovs Campbell      l  1    needlessly                   
 1945 ma P Mikhail   li.longji NEW Wi 4.0. User defined Macro(in cdt    
 66   j  3 Sennikovs ang           nd 1    v3.0 managed project)was     
           ky                              lost ...                     
 1961 no P Mikhail   Anton     NEW Wi 4.0. CDescriptor junit test fails 
 18   r  3 Sennikovs Leherbaue     nd 1    occasionally                 
           ky        r                                                  
 1975 no P Mikhail   vbagga@gm NEW Wi 4.0. Problem with defining _WIN32 
 00   r  3 Sennikovs       nd 1    symbol in project's paths    
           ky                              an...                        
 1976 ma P Mikhail   Doug      NEW Al 4.0. CfgScannerConfigInfo should  
 85   j  3 Sennikovs Schaefer      l  1    getContainer with proper     
           ky                              prof...                      
 1992 cr P Mikhail   Tiziano   NEW Wi 4.0. poor performances managing   
 09   i  3 Sennikovs Leidi         nd 1    and saving build infos       
 1955 no P Oleg      Romano    NEW Wi 4.0. Invalid paths in C/C++       
 69   r  3 Krasilnik Paolo         nd 1    General                      
           ov        Tenca                                              

Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead,
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