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[cdt-dev] Eclipse CDT bundle with Harmony


I've discovered Eclipse bug 194359 [1] which is related to Harmony
(Xalan actually) and the comment of Doug Schaefer says that he is
working on the bundle of CDT with Harmony.

We (Harmony) already prepared the bundle with Eclipse for Java in
cooperation with Eclipse people. You can find this bundle on
SourceForge in the project "In Harmony with Eclipse" [2]
And I think that extending this bundle with CDT is a great idea and
can be promoted as "the best development solution for Harmony" :)
Actually I thought about this already...

Unfortunately in later comment Doug said that he has run in some other
issues and wants to switch from Harmony to another JRE.

Let's better fix the issues with Harmony! :)

Doug, guys,
let's cooperate on this bundle.
If you face any Harmony related issues or need any other support then
feel free to write a message to Harmony dev list [3] or file an issue
to Harmony JIRA [4] and then write a message to dev list.
I assure you that these issues will be processed with high priority.

Thanks in advance.

I will try to run Eclipse CDT on Harmony from my side.

SY, Alexey

3. dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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