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[cdt-dev] Question: MISession "postCommand0" timeout

In retargetting CDT’s debugger to work with my employer’s chip architecture, we’ve experienced some recurring problems with timeout exceptions originating from the “postCommand0” method in “org.eclipse.cdt.debug.mi.core.MISession”.  I’m writing for some general advice...


We’re currently using CDT 3.1.2.  Have there been changes in this area that are available in 4.0 ?


Also:  This problem typically hits us when a user runs their application on our simulator, rather than our hardware.  The simulator is a Linux-based program which supports remote connections from GDB.  We’ve found in the past that simply increasing the timeout limit helps.  But then someone encounters a timeout again and we scratch our heads and wonder whether to increase the timeout again (it’s 20 seconds now...), or whether we should make some other change.  For instance, we’re considering overriding “postCommand0” in our own sub-class so that - before throwing the timeout MIException - the method displays a dialog to the user, informing the user of the lack of response from GDB, and asking the user whether he/she wants to keep waiting or not.


Does that seem like the right approach?  If so, should it be rolled into the mainline CDT code-base?  If it’s not a good idea, anyone have any other suggestions?


Although increasing the timeout has helped make this a relatively rare problem, it is frustrating because the cause of the slow GDB response is a mystery...  Maybe I’m missing something?


Thanks in advance,





Rich Wagner, Senior Software Development Engineer

Tilera Corporation

1900 West Park Drive, Suite 290

Westborough, MA 01581


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