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[cdt-dev] CDT build action inconsistency

Title: CDT build action inconsistency

I'm looking at some of the CDT builder actions and how they work with our own builder.  Here are some observations and questions:

1) Build Configurations menu does not show up in the projects view context menu.  It does show up under the project menu though.  For the context menu it's filtered for managed projects only.  I believe it should be there for all CDT (cnature) projects.

2) Exclude from build and delete resource configs.  If I understand correctly these should only apply to managed build.  The latter shows up for all CDT projects.  The former will show up if we simply change the object contribution filter from 1) to cnature for managednature.

3) Managed build projects have an extra "Build" action under the Build Configurations menu.  This seems generic enough to apply to all CDT projects.

4) The build configurations list is sorted alphabetically rather in the order of creation.  This doesn't always make sense and for us is kind of annoying.  The cause is the use of TreeSet in ChangeBuildConfigActionBase#fillMenu.  Does anyone need them to be sorted alphabetically?  If so, perhaps we should add a pref option for this.

I'm happy to make the changes and submit patches for these, but wanted to check with the experts first.


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