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Re: [cdt-dev] Help with a starter - "Launch failed no binaries"

Hi, Natali.

I'm from Venezuela, we don't speak the same language so I'll write in
English, ok? If you understand español and you prefer it, let me kow. I know
it can be a pain in the ass 'cause I had problems too, but in the end
everything's working.

Well I supouse you have installed the CDT correctly, so:

First: You need a gcc compiler if you are using Windows. I recommend that
you download the cygwin. The installation procedure is easy to follow and
there're plenty of explanations in the web. download it from 
(, run the setup.exe (You're gonna need Internet for
the download or installation)

You can perform a download to your hard disk first and an
post-installation.. (I did it to my pendrive and took it to home)

Check this out (In Spanish):

After cygwin installation (I did a full installation 'cause I want some
features as Open GL) open the cosole and type gcc -v to see if everything's
fine. You should get the compiler information. Again, this is full explained
in the web, I'll give you a panoramic and the sites I got the information

Remember to add the paht: C:\cygwin\bin in your system's variables
enviroment (Remember you can ask)

Second: Open Eclipse and choose a Managed C++ project in the
file->new->project options instead of a Standard one, because the first one
creates the makefile for you... If you eventually wanna create your owns,
then you should consider to study one of the various make tutorials, there
are someones simples and shorts. I'm just learning too and I write one by my
own very basic, few lines, that works fine.

Fourth: choose a new file in the file->new->file, write a "hello world"
program and save it and it should work.

If you are new to programming I recommend that you start with C++ because if
you learn C++ you can program in C, but the opposite is not true.

This just a panoramic, I hope this can be helpfull or at least give you a
starting point. I know it isn't a full explanation but you need to try, see
what happens (maybe fail or maybe not!) and ask again, eh?

Good luck!

Kiss 4U

Natali Silevério wrote:
> Hi
> I want to learn C language, but I'm really starter  and my english its bad
> too (I'm from Brazil) :-)
> Well, after CDT install i tried to make a simple hello world and appeared
> this alert message "Launch failed no binaries".
> What is it? Problem with C libraries?
> Thanks for your patience :-)
> -- 
> Natali Silvério
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