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[cdt-dev] Hi, I've got a question about installing cdt 4.0

I've installed the eclipse cdt 3.1.2 into eclipse 3.2.2 by downloading the and unziping it into eclipse. Now
eclipse is available to download so I 
tryed to install it, but elipse didn't recognize the plugings. I believe it
is because it isn't a sdk but I'm not sure about this. Then, I tryed to use
the files from cdt 4.0 with cdt 3.1.2 sdk installed but, again, it didnĀ“t
work because of the diferent version numbers.

(1) How can I get cdt 4.0 installed and working?

My other question is that I don't know how to eliminate the annoyng
"warning: no newline at end of file" which is a warning that appears into
the .h files and in the .cpp file at the end of each one. 

(2) How can I get rid of them?

I would really apreciate your answers...

Thanks and my regards...
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