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[cdt-dev] Referencing Managed projects


I use CDT4.0 on Linux.

First question is where I can find user list/forum to ask questions on how to 
use CDT? Since I could not find any, I am writing here.

How to link static/shared libraries with simple executable. I created 3 
project. An executable and 2 static libraries. How can I pass g++ 
options -f<> for derived projects? One of the ideas was to export some env 
variables, but they are not inhereted.

What trics can be done with makefile.init/defs/targets in project folder? Any 
samples? One of such makefile.exports actually could contain all exported 
options, and automatically be included into derived project (and generating 

Thinking further... in Makefile project this makefile.linked could be 
generated as well. This will allow including into main Makefile manually.
As well as  writing manual makefile.exports to be linked into other Projects.

Is there a way of mixing different types of projects the way I described? What 
tools do you use to compile complex projects.

Thank you,

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