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[cdt-dev] "typedef" search question

I’m having trouble with “C/C++” searches: although some kinds of symbols (e.g. functions) are found, others (e.g. typedefs) are not.  I’m using Eclipse 3.2 and CDT 3.1.0.  Here’s my minimal test “nlib.c” case:


typedef struct {

    int count;

    int self;

} nlibInitData;



void consume (nlibInitData *data);


void nlib_launch_children()


    nlibInitData id;




After rebuilding the project’s (“fast”) index, if I bring up the Search dialog’s “C/C++” page and search for:  Text = “nlibInitData”, “Any Element”, “All Occurrences”, Scope “Workspace”, the search finds nothing.  However, if I search for “consume”, it finds the declaration and call.


Same thing happens when I switch the project to use “full” indexing.


While I did need to extend my company’s plugin so that if would use a discovery scanner based not on GCC but our custom compiler, that scanner is finding the correct system include directories and pre-defined macros.



In poking around the “pdom” DB associated with the test’s project, the string “nlibInitData” doesn’t occur.


Is it simply the case that searching for typedef names isn’t supported in CDT 3.1.0 ??


The “nlibInitData” string not being in the DB would imply that, EXCEPT that if I select “nlibInitData” in the “id” declaration and hit F3 (“Open Declaration”), then the “typedef” is found!!


Does the “Open Declaration” action use different search/index data than the Search dialog’s “C/C++” page??


Thanks in advance, your very confused:


-- Rich





Rich Wagner, Senior Software Development Engineer

Tilera Corporation

1900 West Park Drive, Suite 290

Westborough, MA 01581

ph: 508-616-9300


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