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RE: [cdt-dev] Help understanding C/C++-search implementation ?

Great!  I'll give those a try.  Thanks Markus...

-- Rich

Rich Wagner, Senior Software Development Engineer
Tilera Corporation
1900 West Park Drive, Suite 290
Westborough, MA 01581

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Subject: RE: [cdt-dev] Help understanding C/C++-search implementation ?
You can use the eclipse tracing mechanism (see the help for details):
use command line option:
   -debug <options-file>
For tracing the CDT indexeryou need to put the following in the options
 # turns on tracing for the cdt-core plugin
 # Reports statistics for indexer
 # Reports when and which files get indexed
 # Reports problems for indexer



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	Subject: [cdt-dev] Help understanding C/C++-search
implementation ?

	I'm trying to track down a C/C++ search problem we're seeing.
But beyond just fixing this one problem, the reason I'm writing to
"cdt-dev" is because I'd like to instrument my company's code so that
the C/C++ search mechanics are more transparent.  To be specific:
	- Is there a place in the CDT code where I can add a logging
statement, so that I know when indexing of source files actually occurs?
(Our plugin includes Log4j-based logging.)  In other words, I'm
concerned that the source of the problem is simply that the symbol the
user is searching for simply hasn't been indexed yet, so logging when
indexing occurs would help determine whether that is or isn't the case.
	- We've also added a kind of "developer's console" to the
Console view which allows us to type in simple commands, e.g. to dump
information to the console.  For instance, we've got a "views" command
that prints out information about all of the active views (e.g. the
views' ID strings).  I'm considering adding a command which would let us
dump the current index information, i.e. the data that's used when C/C++
searches are requested.  Any hints on where to start looking for the
data to dump?
	(Of course, I could set breakpoints and look at things in the
debugger, instead of relying on log statements and dumps, so suggestions
on places to set breakpoints would be appreciated too!)
	Thanks in advance!
	-- Rich
	Rich Wagner, Senior Software Development Engineer
	Tilera Corporation
	1900 West Park Drive, Suite 290
	Westborough, MA 01581


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