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Re: [cdt-dev] Speaking of Linux Desktop

IMHO, most critical issue I have seen against CDT on a Linux desktop is installation.
If you take a typical user friendly Linux distro and install Eclipse "out of the box", the user will face 4 major issues.

1) Most Linux distros will prioritize GNU as Java VM. Compared to other VMs, I noted that GNU VM makes Eclipse run slow, consume a large amount of memory and even crash often. I have lost count of users that where blaming Eclipse (or CDT) on forums to be too slow and memory wasting, while the true cause was the GNU VM degrading Eclipse usability.

2) Even worse, these Linux distros do not easy the installation of quality Java VMs, like those from Sun or IBM. Even more worse, IMHO, Sun and IBM do not provide packages that make installation easy enough for desktop users.

3) Most Linux distros provide packages that install a customized Eclipse thought their own package manager. This customized versions are compiled with gij and suffer the same performance and memory issues that I have already mentioned.

4) Once installed, Eclipse GUI inherits the GTK theme from the desktop. On user friendly distros, font and borders are set to a size that does not allow a developer to show together editor and project view, even on a high resolution screen. In this situations, compared to other development tools, Eclipse looks ugly.

There were several other major issues, but I was very pleased to see CDT 4.0 solve most of them!

Best regards,
Daniel Ferber

Doug Schaefer escreveu:

Got this in my Google Alerts today.


This is the kind of thing that makes me concerned about the state of CDT on Linux Desktop. Why are we not as good as kdevelop and anjuta as the one guy claimed? And even if we know that, who’s going to contribute to make it better?


Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead,

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