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Re: [cdt-dev] Speaking of Linux Desktop

Doug Schaefer wrote:
Got this in my Google Alerts today.

This is the kind of thing that makes me concerned about the state of CDT on Linux Desktop. Why are we not as good as kdevelop and anjuta as the one guy claimed? And even if we know that, who’s going to contribute to make it better?

You'll have to ask him to expand on his "opinion". Would you be surprised that somebody had a bad experience indexing a C++ project in the past? It's quite possible that the C++ indexer failed or stalled and like some people, he simply wrote Eclipse off at the time and found something else that did exactly what he wanted.

The important task is to help solve the initial poster's problem. The original poster likes the CDT better than the other two mentioned IDEs so there's something positive.

There are lots of "experts" who spout "Linux application X is crap - I tried it 3 years ago and it didn't work".

The other thing to remember is that kdevelop and anjuta are KDE and GNOME-specific IDEs. They may be better for specific classes of applications and certain types of developers but are they as good in the general case as the CDT? Where can the CDT improve that they excel? Every once in a while, CDT developers should try out these other tools and see how we compare.

-- Jeff J.

Doug Schaefer, //QNX Software Systems///
//Eclipse CDT Project Lead,


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