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[cdt-dev] Re: Remote C/C++ Development (was: Old HP NetBeans plug-in)


thanks for the pointer! Some HP Group has been in contact with the CDT and TM/RSE teams, and in fact has been providing a plugin for the CDT in order to facilitate remote development.

I see a lot of request for remote C/C++ development, but unfortunately (at least from my point of view), the HP team has not been too responsive to enhancement and integration requests from the community. Currently, I'm still unclear what their direction and next steps are.

Also, the overall concept and direction we want to go for remote C/C++ development is not clearly defined yet. Therefore, their contribution has been put on hold for now, until we sort out how we want remote shell access, remote debugging, remote build, remote file access (EFS vs. RSync vs. RSE) really work together.

My point of view is that TM/RSE can provide the communications vehicles and a CDT plugin can build on these vehicles providing the higher level features. Following the E-Mail referenced above, it looks like the CDT team shares my view.

Others like the CDT and PTP project leads have identified EFS as the way to go for remote file access. Which would again mean that TM/RSE could be the vehicle for accessing the files, but serving them through the EFS API rather than native RSE APIs -- A concept which I like, but issues like performance, rsync replication etc. are not sorted out yet. Related documents are on
   (make CDT EFS aware)
   (CDT EFS Patches)
   (RSE Rsync file subsystem)

Other interesting bugs are
   (CDT remote debugging)
   (CDT remote indexing)
but I think that as it stands now, what we really need is that those teams, groups, or indviduals who really want remote development to lift off (and who are willing to invest some time and contribute code for this) really get together and sort out the overall architecture and direction.

If the community wants it, we can host a "Remote Development" discussion at our DSDP-TM Face-To-Face meeting in Chicago Sep 19/20, see

Martin Oberhuber
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

sccr13plyr wrote:
Hello all!

I am brand new to Eclipse. This TM/RSE thing is exactly what I want for developing on windows for a Linux box.

It sounds like there is still some work to do before it becomes full-featured.

HP had a plug-in for NetBeans to enable this kind of functionality from Windows to OpenVMS about two years ago. Those developers might be a useful resource for ideas and experiences they had creating their plug-in...


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