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[cdt-dev] Building a .S file having mix of assembly and C preprocessor using CDT4



    I am having an embedded project targeting the MIPS family of processors. I am using MIPS SDE Tool chain to build my project. My project contains some startup code for the MIPS Target which is in a mix of assembly and C preprocessor definitions. So the extensions of those files are .S (capital S). But that extension is not recognized by CDT content management system as an assembly source. I am also unable to add *.S as assembly source in Window->Preferences->Content Management.


    From below [cdt-dev] thread, I can see that *.S is explicitly removed from the assembly content type of CDT4 due to some conflict with *.s ?


    And it says that *.S can be added to project specific content types. But I am not able to do that with CDT 4? Please help…


Thanks & Regards,


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