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Re: [cdt-dev] July Conf Call notable items

Doug Schaefer wrote:

Mikhail K was interested in our plans for integrating DSF into the core CDT. I guess, in summary, my plan is to move the host development support to whichever framework works best and has the most contributors working on it. But the goal is to support both DSF and CDI and allow tools integrators to make the choice. And that includes ensuring the two play nicely together.


This brought up a question I have. Is anyone really working on making sure host development works? I did a lot of work in CDT 4 to make sure MinGW worked and to help Cygwin along. I will likely stop working on cygwin in the future since my efforts there will be on supporting the CDT for Windows distribution which is based on MinGW. I’m not sure anyone is working on making sure Linux tools integrations continue to work, although that is probably the easiest and we’ve been lucky enough that there aren’t many issues there. I do know we have a lot of issues on Mac OS X, which does make up a significant and growing part of our community. All of the committers are focused on making sure their commercial tools integrations continue to work, which they have all the right to. But how do we make sure the problems that the community is having with host development get addressed. Finding contributors with vested interest in these platforms would be the best approach. Linux should theoretically be easy, but I’ve almost given up hope for Windows, thus the CDT for Window distro to help focus effort there, and I have no idea about Mac…

We decided that for reference implementation of DSF that we will focus solely on the Linux platform running the latest version of GDB.  However, our intention is to make it possible to create platform-specific (and even version-specific) GDB integrations that mostly reuse common components, but which can be maintained independently from each other.  Hopefully this will make it easier for the community interested in a specific platform to take ownership of maintaining it, while keeping the core implementation free of strange legacy workarounds.



A reminder to register for the CDT Summit, where this debug issue will be likely front and center. We need to make sure we invite the Platform Debug team as well.


We continue to have no requests to branch off the CDT 4.0.1 work. Until we have one, HEAD will continue to be the 4.0.x stream.



Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead,


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