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[cdt-dev] C/C++ Code Analysis


I am using Eclipse SDK 3.3, CDT 4.0 and TPTP 4.4 releases.

It looks like there is a problem in the way TPTP is using a CDT API.
When I launch a static analysis on my C/C++ project, I get no result,
even if I know there are "faults" in my code.

The log displays the following error:

!ENTRY org.eclipse.tptp.platform.analysis.core 4 4 2007-07-03 09:14:26.560
!MESSAGE Provider failure: Code Review for C/C++
       at org.eclipse.cdt.core.model.AbstractLanguage.getASTTranslationUnit(
       at org.eclipse.tptp.platform.analysis.codereview.cpp.CodeReviewResource.<init>(
       at org.eclipse.tptp.platform.analysis.codereview.cpp.CodeReviewProvider.analyze(
       at org.eclipse.tptp.platform.analysis.core.manager.AnalysisProviderManager$

Any work around?

Ericsson, Sweden

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