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[cdt-dev] Bug fix stats

Hey gang,


On the eve of CDT 4, I’m working on updating the web site with all the info our community needs to get going, or at least as much as I’ve done in previous releases, at least until our user docs get put up on


One thing I am gathering is the list of bugs marked “FIXED” in 4.0. That made me wonder how that compares with previous releases. So, starting with 1.2 when we actually starting using Target Milestones, here’s the numbers I dug up.


CDT 1.2 – 218

CDT 2.0 – 518

CDT 2.1 – 329

CDT 3.0 – 761

CDT 3.1 – 224

CDT 4.0 – 1152


It’s a new record! Which I guess should be obvious with the number of active committers we have going. But it’s definitely a good sign of the improved quality we’re seeing in 4.0.


BTW, it also reminds me of how dark a time it was during 3.1 and why I’m so thankful for the rejuvenation of our community. I joke that I was the only one working on it since there were a handful of others as well, but this number shows it all…


Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead,


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