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[cdt-dev] Trying to run simple hello world

What am I doing wrong?
I'm walking thru a sample first C app for some tutorial slides.  Got CDT

(Windows Cygwin, same way I always have it set up ...)

New C project, give it a name, select Hello World ANSI C Project, Next
accept defaults, Next, Finish,
(note: source file comment says it's a .cpp file, but it's really a .c file
-- not important)?
Builds ok.

Debug icon > Debug As > Local C/C++ application
Select Cygwin gdb debugger (the default) (double click on it)
accept Switch to debug perspective

It stops at main but the source window says "Can't find a source file at
(which is indeed my src file location)
Did I do something differently? Have I not run a simple hello world in a
while? Or did the recent changes do this?

The console says "No source file named ......

Hmmm.  I tried another project with my own sample c file, similar problems,
then came back to the generated hello world file,
and now  when i enter debug, the console says "No source file named
(previous project I mucked with) but the project I'm debugging is a the
hello world one.
Even if i create a new hello world project, then debug it immediately, the
CONSOLE keeps saying it can't find (previous project) source file.

I apologize if I'm doing something stupid, but if this is a bug ....


Beth Tibbitts  (859) 243-4981  (TL 545-4981)
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IBM T.J.Watson Research Center
Mailing Address:  IBM Corp., 455 Park Place, Lexington, KY 40511

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