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[cdt-dev] Custom Output Folders


JDT has very useful feature of selecting a custom output folder. Yes, post-build copy script can do similar things with CDT, but I wonder why CDT has no such feature.

It would be great, please consider implementing it (too bad for 4.0).

Something like this in .project:


and then simply declare 'out' as the output folder. It would be even better if declaring such output folder would be per-configuration, so that one root for debug, one for release, etc.

Currently there is a 'buildLocation' and 'buildPath' in the CDT 4.0 project metadata, but changing them has no effect on where Debug/Release folders are placed.

Please consider it, or share how much effort it would take to implement .. if its quick or painful.

Thank you for CDT 4.0!


(there are many good reasons for using linked folders and custom output locations:
1) better organization flexibility
2) better SCM interactoin
3) better scriptability of the releng process (due to better organization, less script logic for packaging)

as well as others...

thank you

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