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[cdt-dev] Cool new CDT distro lacks xlC/UPC update site

In yesterday's slides from the Eclipse members  meeting
 I saw a slide (p.29, "More convenient packaging") with a prototype  of the
presumed upcoming downloads page.
In addition to the (branded) "Eclipse distros" there is, right at the top,
under "Get Eclipse", ... "Eclipse Tools for C/C++ Developers"
Sure enough, that page is out there (had to read the fine print in the
slide) and I downloaded it..
Nice distro.
My question is, when I use that Eclipse platform-plus-CDT packaged distro,
and I do the software updates from Europa discovery site, I can't find the
"rest" of CDT - the xlC and C99/UPC plugins.
Shouldn't they be there?  Or do we need to send users to another site?
CDT-specific update site?

Again, just trying to simplify the new user experience, esp. for our HPC


Beth Tibbitts  (859) 243-4981  (TL 545-4981)
High Productivity Tools / Parallel Tools
IBM T.J.Watson Research Center
Mailing Address:  IBM Corp., 455 Park Place, Lexington, KY 40511

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