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[cdt-dev] CDT4.0RC3 - why only available as update site from download page?

For the recent RC3 build of CDT4.0 available from the download page at
the build is only available as an update site with all CDT components.

>From the main CDT page at <>:

	"CDT 4.0 RC3 is the second last release candidate for CDT 4.0.
The final release candidate will be on June 22. Starting with this
build, we will now only produce an update site with all features that
are releasing with CDT 4."

Why will the post RC2 builds only be available as an update site with
Is it possible to continue to make individual component builds available
download as with RC2 and earlier?

I want to get just the CDT Runtime (for linux/x86 in particular) and
package it for use in our company.  Previously this was easy since
there was a single download to use.

With the merged update site form, I need to manually extract just
the runtime bits which means I need to know exactly which feature
and plugins to extract. Seems fragile if anything changes (e.g a new
is added or a name is changed). 

Additionally the feature is packaged as a jar for use as an update site,
which won't work for a direct install into the features directory.
So the feature jar needs to be extracted and properly renamed.

My concern is that this is additional work for me (either manual or
scripted) which makes me decide what contents define the CDT runtime
instead of having that feature define its content.

Any possibility of getting individual downloads again?



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