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[cdt-dev] Managed build completion status


I've been working on a plugin that uses the CDT's managed build system as one step in an automated workflow (modify source->modify build configuration->build executable->launch executable->etc).  Presently I am initiating the build system with the build method provided by IProject.  The only way I've found to programmatically check for a successfully finished build is to busy-wait for the creation of the desired output files.  If the build fails the user has to cancel the procedure manually.

Is there any way to find out if the requested build has actually completed or failed?  Getting status information from the build process would be great, but I would settle for just knowing when it was finished.  Should I be invoking the build in some other way?  I checked around in GeneratedMakefileBuilder but I didn't see anything that looked likely to help.  Even something indirect, like a method to get the timestamp of the last entirely finished build, would be fine, but I haven't found a thing.

If this can't be done in CDT 3.1 will it be possible with 4.0?

Wyatt Spear

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