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[cdt-dev] FW: [Doug on the Eclipse CDT] New comment on CDT 4, What a diffe rence a community makes.

Hey gang, this one is for you. One of what I think will be many success stories with CDT 4.


Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead,

From: silvermace [mailto:noreply-comment@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2007 10:25 AM
To: dschaefer@xxxxxxx
Subject: [Doug on the Eclipse CDT] New comment on CDT 4, What a difference a community makes.


silvermace has left a new comment on your post "CDT 4, What a difference a community makes":

Hi Doug, Congratulations on 4.0 and 5 years! you're a legend for sticking with it :)

I'd just like to say I have followed CDT since 2.0 and it's never been good enough for my projects (~10,000+ lines of brutal template'd C++) but I've always given it a proper go _every_ time you've made a release.

More to the point; Yesterday, I fired up Europa RC3 and CDT4 RC3, Imported my current project (~25,000 lines pure C++) spent an hour or so reconfiguring the build (it's a VC++ 2005 project) and lo-and-behold... auto-complete worked, and it was bloody smooth. The one remaining excuse for me to stick with Visual Studio, finally gone. Good work, and I hope to join your project to include VC++ compatibility, I have already developed an external build process centered around Eclipse and I'm hoping to make it an actual plug-in before long.

Keep up the fantastic work.
-Danushka (

Posted by silvermace to Doug on the Eclipse CDT at 10:34 AM

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