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Re: [cdt-dev] Re: Automatic indentation when moving lines withALT-<arrow>

The same strange behavior we have when copy something with the CTRL+<left-mouse-click&hold>. Once something is copied this way there is no automatic indentation, but when you highlight the line and then copy it and paste in the same spot, auto-indent is working correctly.

Is this a separate bug or it fits under the same umbrella?



On 6/8/07, Leherbauer, Anton < Anton.Leherbauer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'd see it as a feature request, because the move lines actions are
plain Eclipse Platform implementations which we would need to override.
In any case, please create a bug for it.

Anton Leherbauer
Wind River CDT Team, Austria

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Sorry, I meant "ALT+<arrow-up> and ALT+<arrow-down>", not "CTRL+<arrow-up> and CTRL+<arrow-down>"

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Hi all,

i have noticed that when you copy&paste in a C file, CDT 4.0 does indentation automatically, but when you move lines around using CTRL+<arrow-up> and CTRL+<arrow-down>, it does not.

It works both ways when you edit Java code in JDT.

I am not sure whether this is a bug, or a feature request, so i wanted to ask here before.

Should I create a bug report for this ?

Michael Luber

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