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[cdt-dev] CDT 4.0.1

Hi folks,


I know everyone’s got their mind on CDT 4.0 and Europa, but I figured I’d bring this up early.


As you know from Markus and Toni’s work, Wind River is picking up CDT 4.0 later this year.  I’m trying to plan the adoption points after CDT 4.0 for our commercial product, and I am hoping to pick up CDT 4.0.1 in September.  I figured I should state our intentions so you all know what we’re doing.


I’m not sure what everyone’s needs are for the 4.0.1 CM strategy, but our preference is that CDT 4.0.1 will be released from a separate bug-fix branch.  At least for WR, it will help us separate our 4.0 bug fixes from the 4.1 feature development we’d like to contribute to CDT.  CVS isn’t great for branching and merging, so this is just a suggestion.


Doug G


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