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RE: [cdt-dev] Releng change thoughts

Hi Doug,

I was exchanging emails with Kim Moir from Platform and she has a comment
on signing below:

It's possible to have both the update site and the builds signed.  Here is
the approach we take

Construct a build-time master feature which contains all the plugins and
features that are used in the build.
Send this master feature to the signing process.
When signing is complete, slice and dice the master feature into the ziips
that you need for your build using pde build's packaging facilities.
Create an update site with the same jars from the feature, run the update
core's site optimizer to create the packed jars.
Thus you will be using the same jars that are used for the update site as
are used for the build and they will both be signed and packed.

This approach also saves time during the build process because plugins in
multiple features are not compiled twice since you are using the packager
to assemble the build.
When we converted our build to use this approach, the time for the actual
build to complete decreased by 30%.


Vivian Kong
IBM Eclipse CDT
IBM Canada Toronto Lab
Phone: (905) 413-6067
Email: vivkong@xxxxxxxxxx

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> Hello Doug,
> Having the zip archive of the update site sounds good. I assume this will
> be
> the case for releases as well, as releases is just a particularly good
> "nightly" build. It will be easier for us to manage. Instead of
> downloading
> several zips and tar.gzs for various OSes, we can download a single file.

That's a good point and an added bonus. And yes, that would include all
builds. Right now I take the zips and create the update site with a couple
of scripts. This will make that easier as well.

> > People who used to use the .zips/tar.gz's for creating product installs
> can
> > use the archive site to create the same layout with some simple
> Some example scripts would be nice :o)

Yes, we'll see how my time goes, this might have to wait until later this
month. The idea though is to unjar the cdt.core.* fragments since they have
shared libraries that need to be on the file system directly to load.

Also, if you're not shipping the SDK or other features we're building now,
you'd need to remove them. Looking at the feature.xml files gives the list
of plugins you care about.


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