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[cdt-dev] Releng change thoughts

Hey gang,


I’ve figured out how to sign and pack our jars to make them secure and small. However, the problem we’re going to run into is that the zips/tar.gz’s that we produce will not be signed. They are created by the build and the signing is done after that based on the update site.


The other issue we’re starting to run into is the shear size of the zips/tar.gz’s. They are now getting to be over 400MB per build. That chews up a lot of bandwidth and disk space at


What I’m considering is to get rid of them and move to using the update site only. For the “nightly” builds, I’d create a single zip archive of the update site for a build. You can then download and install them using the update manager as an “Archived” site. This would greatly reduce the duplication that we’re getting but will make individual builds larger.


People who used to use the .zips/tar.gz’s for creating product installs can use the archive site to create the same layout with some simple scripts. It’s just a matter of unpacking some of the jars that have shared libraries in them, and maybe deleting the jars you don’t care about.


Any thoughts on that?


Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead,


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