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[cdt-dev] Feedback


I'd like to provide some feedback regarding the new project model. I have
not had an in depth look yet but here's a collection of bugs and questions.
I haven't had the time to raise individual bugs yet.

* Wizards

--- Is it really neccessary to have three different wizard categories for
C/C++/CDT ?

Instead of...
		C++ Project
		C Project
		CDT Project

Maybe something like ...
		C Project
		C++ Project
		CDT Project

--- When selecting "Advanced settings" on the configurations page of the new
project wizard, a new (temporary) project gets created. When cancelling the
wizard, the project gets deleted. But when starting the wizard again and
setting the project to the same name again, an error message appears "File
with specified name already exists".

* CDTWizard extension point

--- ICNewWizard: Why does a "Tree" get passed to createItems(Tree tree,
boolean supportedOnly) ? Isn't this a bad design? I noticed the wizard
calling this method is interested in ICWizardHandlers only anyway and these
handlers provide name and icon (getName(), getIcon()). So is there a reason
why the raw tree gets exposed to implementors of this extension point
instead of asking them for an arrary of ICWizardHandler[] ?

* Build

--- Are build properties supposed to be used only for values being defined
via extension point or is possible to set custom data ? I'd like to
associate custom data via API. And it looks like it is possible if the
property type has been defined:
IBuildProperties.setProperty("", ""); I
just wonder if it is officially supported. Hope so.

--- Better API doc would be really nice :) There alot of non-doc methods in
IConfiguration and other build interfaces. The ManagedBuildManager is
missing docs, too. I know, APIs haven't been freezed yet.

* Build UI

--- All build ui combo boxes are editable, but they shouldn't be. (Artifact
Type, Builder type, tool chain edit, ...)

--- Why can't the build directory bet set for managed build? This is a
feature I was looking forward to. I'd prefer setting \bin as my root output
folder rather than having all my output folders right in the project root.
It should be possible to select at least a workspace folder.

--- Small stylistic enhancements: Properties: 'C/C++ ToolChain edit' should
be something like 'C/C++ Tool chain editor' / 'Language mappings' should
have 'C/C++' prefix.

--- Tool chain editor: Current builder might be confusing. In 'C/C++ Buld
settings' the builders are called 'Internal' and 'External' builder. But in
the tool chain editor they are called 'CDT internal builder' and 'Gnu Make
Builder'. It is also possible to select the Gnu Make Builder, even when the
'External builder' is not selectable in the build settings (This does enable
the external builder. But switching back to internal does disable it again).

* Other

Just as a reminder: :) I really hope the user help/docs will be rewritten or
updated. Alot of topics are pretty much out of date.

Anyway, I think CDT made a big step forward for 4.0. Rock on.


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