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[cdt-dev] Cygwin path problem

Please let me know if I have targeted the wrong mailing list but I have come across an issue when trying to run the latest CDT on windows/cygwin and just wanted to find out if anyone can tell me what the problem could be.


To make it clear, I have two windows machines both running eclipse 3.3 M6, latest CDT, cygwin and java 1.5.0_06. One of the machines works fine and can build cygwin projects, the other one cannot locate any of the tools. I have debugged it and found that the root of the problem is that ProcessFactory.exec() throws an exception every time it’s called, so is unable to run regedit to get the cygwin path. What I cannot understand is why this is happening (I believe it’s actually the Spawner.exec0() native method that is failing). If anyone’s familiar with this code I would be grateful for any insight. I’m hoping/expecting it’s something silly in my environment.



Mike W

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