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RE: [cdt-dev] Debugger model

Hi Sheldon,
I'm not aware of changes in the CDebugger extension point implementation. It seems to work for the debuggers that come with CDT.
Looking at you xml, I see the "modes" attribute is set to "run", maybe that's the reason?
Also note that 3.3M6 and CDT 4.0M5 are not compatible. There are API changes in M6, we need to catch up in CDT 4.0M6.

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Sent: 26 March 2007 09:45
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Subject: [cdt-dev] Debugger model


       I have migrated to eclipse 3.3M6 and CDT 4.0M5, i would like to know if there is any change in the way cdt recognizes new debuggers if i have created my own. I was previously working on eclipse 3.2.1 and CDT 3.1.1 and the debugging worked out of the box for my debugger ( GDB inside scratchbox). Is there any change in the plugin.xml i have attached the following in my xml, since i have migrated to M5 it does not seem to work. CDT doesnot recognize the debugger and it throws an error no debugger found

            name="GDB Server inside scratchbox"



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