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[cdt-dev] Windows SDK Integration Delayed

Hey gang,


I hinted at this at EclipseCon but now I’ll make it official. I am putting on hold the work I was doing for the Windows SDK integration to post 4.0. I have run into a number of problems with the Microsoft debug APIs I was hoping on using, lack of documentation being the main one, but I also want to switch to only use redistributable DLLs which requires a lot more work and I need to run that through Eclipse legal anyway. While I had some kind words of encouragement and excitement for this feature, I’m not sure there is enough pull to keep it high in my priority list. I apologize to those who were waiting for this.


Instead, I will focus on the MinGW integration for Windows development and make sure that is top notch in 4.0 and EasyEclipse. I also need to get into the debug side of things and gdb/mi in particular (Ewa from Palmsource has offered to help too). Add to that helping Bryan get C++ templates into the indexer and the triage of CDT’s 1100+ bugs, my calendar is full until the summer. I will definitely pick up the pieces then since I still think this is critical for VisualStudio users who want to migrate to the CDT. And hopefully I can concentrate a bit more on building community support for it.


I am happy to entertain feedback on this.


Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead,


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