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[cdt-dev] Re: [ptp-dev] Proposal for EFS integration with CDT


I am very excited to see the rebirth of discussion on EFS support for CDT. As always, I am advocating the EFS as the most feasible solution for remote support. The analysis of performance impact made by Doug is exactly what I would say. In order not to start everything over, I would like to remind you of our previous efforts made on this issue in the PTP project, which are described on our wiki page: and . In particular, I would like to remind you of a existing patch that provides minimal EFS support for CDT at .

Best regards,

Doug Schaefer wrote:

Hey gang,

We’ve talked about this in the past and I want to capture it as a work item for the next CDT release. So I have raised a bug on supporting remote files via EFS with the CDT. Feel free to add yourself to the CC list or any comments, pro or con, to the bug. Of course, given recent discussions on the CDT list, I’m most interested in how the CDT will perform in this environment, plus whether or not this is even feasible.


Doug Schaefer, //QNX Software Systems///
//Eclipse CDT Project Lead,


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