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[cdt-dev] Eclipsecon 2007 - SAFARI

     I see from blogs that some people saw the Eclipsecon 2007 presentation on SAFARI.  I am trying to "get the jump" on the SAFARI by considering writing a parser in LPG for an Eclipse editor for the Mozart-Oz programming language.  Below is a concern that I wrote to a member of the Mozart-Oz development team:
I have been thinking about the parsing element of the project.  The special framework for creating Eclipse editors that the IBM people have come up with, SAFARI, seems to require that a parser be specified by their parser generator, LPG, in order to generate skeleton code for the editor.  Otherwise, as I understand it, it is a very difficult task to write an entire editor for Eclipse given the number of classes and relationships that need to be mastered.  Therefore, I take it to be a trade off between using the Mozart compiler's parser, which is already implemented, and developing the Eclipse editor from scratch OR writing a parser from scratch and having the Eclipse editor be partially implemented.  I am uncertain which way is going to be better, but I imagine I should "pick one" and just go with it.  For some reason, my gut tells me to lean towards the LPG parsing because Eclipse seems to depend upon a Java based parser to do its syntax highlighting, code completion, etc.  I am going to write the CDT mailing list to be absolutely sure.
Can I solicit your opinion if the statements that I made above are correct and could provide elaboration if necessary?  By the way, a generalized CDT will not suite the needs of the Mozart-Oz project.  I know several people suggested that to me in this mailing list.

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