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[cdt-dev] Build problem - no errors presented!

Hi there,

I was just trying the latest builds with hope that some of my problems might go away, but instead I found another show stopper from the latest build. This time I am using M5eh SDK build with CDT 0315 on x86 Linux OS running through the XMing emulation on MS Windows XP Pro.

When I have created a Make Targets (a typical pair of make all and make clean) and executed one that should run make only with no arguments, my build failed. It was a legitimate error, but there was no markings on any of the files under the C++ Project where you would usually see a RED triangle pointing to the problem file(s).

Then I realized that Console window doesn't show the latest error text but rather a different content:
make all
make: *** No rule to make target `all'.  Stop.

For some reason text that was showing the error got replaced with the above text which made things even worse. Now I had no way to know what exactly failed and where it was. On the top of that it was showing that it attempted to run "make all" command which I have never specified in my make target.

Am I doing something wrong here or this is just a bug?



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