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[cdt-dev] Misc problems/suggestions for Code assist and Outline view

Eclipse: 3.2.2
CDT: 3.1.2
OS: Linux X86 (Fedora Core2)
JRE: 1.5.0_03


I got some problems/suggestions for Code assist and Outline view:

1 - When declaring a structure packed to 1, an empty line is necessary
between "#pragma pack(1)" and the keyword "struct":
#pragma pack(1)

struct strname {
 ... structure fieds ...
#pragma pack()

Without that empty line:
- The F3 option doesn't work (from a source declaring the structure).
- The outline view doesn't show the structure (it shows only fields that
are declared in the structure).
- The Code Assist doesn't work (when writting "." or "->", structure's
aren't shown, "unknown" is displayed).

2 - When suffixing a header ".x" instead of ".h" (even if file type "*.x"
is defined as "C Header File" in global C/C++ setting), the Outline view
doesn't shows structure definitions.

3 - "Open declaration" (F3) on a function name behaves like "Open
definition" (Ctrl+F3): both go to the function core.
I think it's a good behavior for the "Open definition" but the "Open
declaration" option should show the prototype. Am I wrong ?


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