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[cdt-dev] Creating a Makefile Project in the new project creation UI

When I create a “Makefile Project” using the new UI, the toolchain list includes the “—No Toolchain –“ option to specify that your makefile is using a toolchain that does not provide any information to CDT.  I suggested to Mikhail that the entry say “—Unspecified Toolchain –“, since the user really is using some toolchain, just not one that CDT has any information on.  Mikhail thinks that “—No Toolchain --” is better for current Standard Make users.  I think that “—Unspecified Toolchain –“ would be better for new users, and they need help more than current Standard Make users.  Can we get some other opinions for “No” vs. “Unspecified” vs. any other text you would like to propose?




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