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Re: [cdt-dev] New Project Wizard missing from drop-down

> I find that if I install a newer version of Eclipse + CDT + my company's
> plugins and that install then picks up an existing workspace belonging
> to an older install, then the New Project wizard that has been added to
> my company's plugins does not appear in the 'New' dropdown, although it
> remains available from the 'New Projects' dialog.
> I assume that what is going on is that Eclipse should be updating the
> workbench.xml file on startup, but for some reason is not adding the
> entry for our wizard. Can anyone tell me why the update is not
> happening, or how to force Eclipse to perform it? I've tried command
> line options such as -refresh and -initialize, but these do not appear
> to fix my problem. Any pointers to docs on workbench.xml or how Eclipse
> updates metadata would also be helpful.

I think we have ran into the same problem as you have, could you check
if a 'Window | Reset Perspective' forces your entry in the 'New'
dropdown? If so then we're talking about the same issue.

Point is that as soon as you select a Perspective for the first time,
Eclipse will save the initial state of that perspective at that
moment, you can then change the perspective any way you like and your
'personalized' state will be saved accordingly. Now in theory your
personal preference could be not to have the
'com.arm.eclipse.cdt.newproject.wizard' in the 'New' dropdown, so
Eclipse cannot just add it afterwards. At least this was my analysis
of the issue.


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