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[cdt-dev] ScannerInfoProvider vs. PathEntryStore vs. CConfigurationDataProvider Extension Points


I have a question regarding the different extension points/APIs
currently available to provide input to the CDT source code parser and
indexer services (or any other service using these APIs).

Some background first: I have my own build system, which is completely
independent of the CDT build system (different builder, own persistance
mechanism, etc.). For the managed build of this build system, I
currently use the ScannerInfoProvider extension point to provide include
paths and defines (which basically works).

Now I want to migrate towards the new CDT project model. I tried
PathEntryStore, but this seems to be rather complex. I also found
CConfigurationDataProvider, but that is probably more than I need.

What is the right entry point to use? What APIs do I really need to
implement, in case one of the two options I found is correct? Or can I
stay with ScannerInfoProvider also in the future?

Thanks a lot in advance,


Walter Brunauer
Senior Member Technical Staff
Workbench Group
Wind River Systems GmbH
Salzburg, Austria
+43 662 4579150 office

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