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[cdt-dev] Getting at the PDOM

Apologies in advance if this is not the right list for this question.

I've got some ideas for better C++ tools and I've decided to get off my
backside and write some. I've checked out the CVS and started poking
around but I'm hoping to get a few strategic pointers to make my search
shorter - any existing classes or demos that do things like finding out
what types are defined/used/referred to in a file or conversely finding
where a given type is defined/used/referred to.

More detail if you're still reading: My first project is a #include
optimizer: to improve compile times I want .h files to #include as
little as possible, and forward declare as much as possible. This can be
largely automated if you have the full parse tree (templates are a bit
tricky.)  I've done some mucking about with gccxml as my parser but
embedding this into eclipse seems like more fun.

If anyone is already working on something like this I'd love to know
about it, I have more projects if its already taken :)


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